High current, advanced protection

MGM COMPRO solutions include a wide range of balanced charging systems: from the smallest with a few cells, to larger, high performance charging systems. Their refined algorithms for charging and for cell management are exceptional. Protection, diagnostics and a number of options for PC communications and real-time monitoring of the charging process are all standard components.

MGM COMPRO balanced charging systems are appropriate for cells and battery banks that do not have integrated balancing (balancing module). In addition to this configuration, such chargers are also ideal for battery packs that only have an „airborne“ BMS component. These chargers contain complete power sections along with a balancing module. They guarantee excellent charging, management and protection of all cells in the charged batteries.

(The concept of batteries with an „airborne“ BMS component is a custom solution for applications demanding batteries with low weights. Another advantage is the lack of any need for cooling or a solution for waste heat. The „airborne“ section of the BMS is very compact, light and secures process monitoring, data logging and communication with supervisory systems.)


Other major advantages of MGM COMPRO charging systems are the high charging and balancing currents. Most of MGM COMPRO chargers are capable of balancing within the full range of their charging currents (up to 100A!). This is critical where very fast (10 – 15 minutes) charging is required for A123 type cells and other similar cells. This parameter is just as important for LiFePo4-type cells, which require perfect balancing over a very limited amount of time, in this case during the last 5% of charging. This process demands maximum balancing with the highest possible currents (balancing with low currents greatly extends the period needed to fully charge these cells, multiple times over in some cases).

  • aktuálně preferované řešení – používaná je na bázi propojení BMS pomocí CAN bus s nabíječkou (nabíječka HW, který potřebuje řízení)
  • pokud se BMS vleze do baterií, pak je to vhodné řešení pro váš projekt
  • jsou jednodušší, levnějsí
  • výhody: jednodušší nabíječka, jednodušší konektory, celkově levnější, BMS jen v baterce – celkově technicky, ale i uživatelsky jednodušší řešení
  • nevýhody: je to trochu těžší, pokud není BMS aktivní, pasivní BMS pak generuje teplo přímov baterii a musí se odvádět ven – de facto jediný větší technický problém
  • pokud se BMS vejde do Akupaku, pak je to optimální řešení jít do non-balancing chargerů
  • celkově se díky tomuto řešení může zvýšit spolehlivost celého systému

MGM COMPRO individual solutions

We know your needs. They are as unique and individual as your organization. That’s why our charging systems are designed to allow their configuration to be as open as possible (numbers of cells, charging currently, charging performance, etc.).

In case you have any questions regarding your project, just leave us a message below.